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As an accredited coach, keynote speaker and seminar leader who specialises in leadership and career coaching, I thrive on helping individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. I also support organisations in getting the best out of their people.

During my early career in investment banking I witnessed colleagues who felt stuck and disillusioned, unsure of the practical steps to take towards achieving the careers they had always dreamed of. I also saw organisational issues causing new managers to fail early on in their burgeoning careers, simply because they were not receiving the right levels of support. I’ve continued to see these issues throughout my years of working with leaders and organisations in a diverse range of industries, which only goes to emphasize the importance of these factors in being successful.

I have always been convinced that success for both the individual and the organisation comes from working together cohesively, and so I decided to leave banking and pursue my long-time interest in building resilient people who can achieve not only their own personal and professional goals, but champion the aims and achievements of the organisation they are part of.

Why Uche ?

If you’re excelling in your career but need that extra help that will take you to the next level; I can help! Alternatively, if you are struggling to navigate the choppy waters of your professional life, I’ll work with you to uncover the key to your success. If you are a leader without the skills to truly excel, you’ll discover how to enhance your skills and increase your effectiveness. If you need help managing your career as a whole, you’ll learn what’s been holding you back and gain the insights you need to seize the career you have always dreamed of. No individual is the same, which is why you’ll benefit from a bespoke support package that is tailored completely to you, and you’ll receive the tools and coaching that will help you move your career from good to great to exceptional.
An organisation cannot be great on its own, it is the people who make up a business that make it work. The organisations that come to me for support including FTSE 100 “companies do so because they want to maximise their overall performance through the development of their people. Through your preferred mix of coaching, event speaking and workshop facilitation, I work through topics like resilience, communication, peak performance and leadership, to help strengthen your focused, mindful workforce
As well as being positive and passionate about helping others achieve their goals, including clients such as INSEAD Business School, Imperial, Barclays and HEBE Foundation, the support you receive will be drawn from my past experience and accreditations. You will find it easier to draw from your formidable internal resources with the help of the intuitive communication style developed through my experience as an NLP practitioner, and you will draw reassurance from my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Association for Professional Executive Coaches (APEC) accreditations. Those, along with my standing as a coach with the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, makes me perfectly positioned to increase your understanding of how you fit into complex business environments. Building on research from my executive MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change from Henley Business School, I continue to explore exactly what it is that lets leaders effectively transition from middle management into senior management. The insights from this research mean that I can constantly enhance the way I work with leaders, and potential leaders, to give you the most current and effective tools and techniques. I believe that the business world continues to evolve, and I aim to learn new things and improve on a day-to-day basis. The time spent supporting my varied clientele over the years has strengthened my fascination with the types of behaviours that build resilience (the focus of one of my research thesis), and I continue to devote a lot of time to research in this area. Do you want to know what success means to me?
The freedom to truly enjoy the work that you do, the freedom to spend time with your family and the freedom to achieve financial independence doing what you love. That’s what I have, and I want to support you in achieving that very same goal, wherever you are in your career and leadership journey


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