Uche was my coach during my year at INSEAD, and I was lucky to have him. During the stressful MBA year, I needed someone who could direct my thoughts in the right direction, be a sounding board, and more importantly be empathetic to my career goals and aspirations, and Uche was just that.

Kaushik Subramanian

Uche is a very supportive coach with a natural ease that enables you to relax and focus fully. I found coaching with Uche both very valuable and enjoyable.

Angela Dellar

I recommend Uche as an executive coach – I had coaching sessions with Uche which I found very useful and enjoyable. Uche has a great style of coaching where he helped me navigate through the issues I was facing to get to the central issues I needed to address, then prioritising clearly defined goals

Alison Hylton-Potts

Uche is an excellent career coach. My sessions with him have been insightful, thought-provoking and empowering. His coaching helped build my confidence and enabled me to recognise my own strengths.

Simi Ososanya

Uche is an amazing coach, his energy and enthusiasm are apparent from the moment you meet him. The tools he has in his coaching portfolio were of tremendous help to me

Linus Hinzmann

Uche is really empathic, He a great career coach, and I recommend his services.

Vincent Gouedard

Uche’s breadth of experience coupled with his innate ability to inspire people, is what makes him an outstanding Career Coach. Excellent in identifying and improving an individual’s weakness, it is evident that he has a genuine interest in people’s professional development.

Reeya Sakaria

Uche is a charismatic speaker, who has been instrumental in my development. He is also an excellent motivator, which I have experienced first hand when attending his talks.

Alastair Macleod

Uche is an incredibly charismatic speaker who has his audience lingering on his every word during his presentations (myself included)

Tahmid Islam

Uche is an eloquent and confident speaker, easily gets the attention of his audience and leaves them with the key messages they need to shape their thinking!

Nonye Ndekwu


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