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Success is freedom teaches how to achieve freedom to enjoy your family and your work

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Corporate & Conference Speaking


I regularly speak on a variety of topics relevant to professionals and entrepreneurs, speaking at seminars and facilitating interactive workshops for groups of between 12 and 35 people.

My talks on leadership, career, resilience and a few other topics are in high demand. However, I also enjoy developing customised content for talks on topics for your specific or individual requirements. Filled with actionable steps and proven strategies, attendees will be able to apply what they’ve learned as soon as the talk is over.

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A selection of my corporate talks

1Resilience, navigating challenges and overcoming adversity of corporate life, reaching out to be your best.

Resilience, the ability to recover from setbacks or unexpected circumstances, is a better determinant of success than education, experience or training. Uncertainty, driven by rapid change, make the ability to maintain equilibrium and clear-headed thinking sources of competitive advantage.

In this talk, I outline some of the behaviours associated with this type of resilience, as well as how they can be developed.

2Success is Freedom.

Once of the most common, yet often unspoken, questions in the corporate world is ‘what exactly is success?’ What is it that makes a person successful? Is it money, power, prestige or status? During the time I’ve spent working with successful people, coaching them, spending time with them, I’ve come to the conclusion that the answer is quite simple; Success is freedom!

In this talk I look beyond the stereotypical trappings of success, and explain why success is freedom…freedom to enjoy your work, your family and attaining financial independence doing what you love. I also explain how you can attain the freedom that makes you a success.

3Principles of effective communicators.

Effective communication is hard, which is why savvy professionals and businesses are always looking for ways to do it better. Consequently, this talk, in which I explore the habits and unwritten ‘rules’ of effective communicators is a firm favourite amongst my corporate clients.




Campus & School Speaking.

My time in recruiting , talent management and now coaching has given me a 360 degrees view of the challenges students face and how to overcome them.

My varied interaction with the corporate world has given me insights that are invaluable to new graduates preparing to enter and succeed in the corporate world.

For secondary schools, I show students how I went from being on the expulsion list in secondary school to being an investment banker and how they can overcome any challenge to achieve their goal.

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A selection of my recent campus talks

1Networking and interview opportunities

This is one of my most popular campus talks. In this session, drawing on personal experience and those of my many clients, I outline how graduates, through effective networking, can identify and seize job opportunities that are not widely publicised.

I talk graduates and soon-to-be graduates through the entire recruitment process, from the point of view of the recruiter.

I also tackle the awkwardness that many feel when faced with the prospect of ‘networking’. I distinguish between brash self-promotion and the value-adding focus of effective networking and teach techniques for doing the latter.

2Winning at Interviews: Critical Factors for Interview Success

In my book holistic job Hunting: finding and getting the right job for you , i explain how successful candidate skilfully demonstrate the three things every employer assesses in an interview; Competency ( can you do the job ), Attitude ( Will you do the job excellently ) and Personality (will you fit in) ( CAP). in this talk i explain how you can increase your confidence and communicate your CAP in a way that makes every employer you interview with want you. We also explore how students are assessed during and after an assessment centre.

We also explore how students are assessed during and after an assessment centre.

3For Secondary Schools - Play Work Play

How to ace exams and maximise your potential.

This talk equips secondary schools students with the skills and knowledge that took Uche from being on the expulsion list in secondary school to being an Investment Banker. He empowers students to be and believe in themselves. Students leave with an inspiring vision of their own, increased confidence and the ability to balance work and play to maximise their potential.