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One day Uche woke up and couldn’t get out of bed. The usual optimistic, upbeat, we can overcome any challenge Uche was nowhere to be found. He had reached a breaking point and rock bottom emotionally; he was burnt out and done with trying to pursue his dream. All  of  this  was  compounded  by him  feeling  like  a liar.
After  he  had inspired people never to give up once they found their dream, here he was giving up. He felt like a cheat, and the downward spiral continued. At his lowest point in this season of his life, he felt like he would lose his mind.

This book is a result of Uche fighting back and regaining control of his life. It shows the steps he took to get back on track and keep pressing on with his dream. We are all susceptible to hitting rock bottom, and you have in your hand a guide to prevent you from doing that and, if you do, a road map to getting back on track.




Uche Ezichi is an executive coach, speaker and facilitator with extensive experience working in and with FTSE 100 companies and leading business schools such as Accenture, Citi, Barclays, Save The Children, INSEAD Business School. He is an internationally certified executive coach by International Coach Federation. Uche started his career as an investment banker with HSBC before pursuing his passion for coaching and developing leaders, working in Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Imperial College Business School. Uche has an Executive MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change from Henley Business School and is pursuing doctoral-level research in leadership effectiveness and how successful leaders build resilience.


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Holistic Job Hunting: Finding and getting the right Job for you

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Your Career Your Responsibility:

The roadmap to internship and

early career success

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